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Friends & Fellow Virginians,

After several years of watching our Congress spin out of control - with the leadership of both parties, I finally decided to run for the Virginia 3rd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

In the last two election cycles, Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA) has been the only candidate on the ballot.  He is the same Bobby Scott, who recently admitted to holding back information about a sexual assault that could have hurt the Lieutenant Governor Fairfax's campaign. His focus was not on honesty or integrity but to ensure a Democrat won the election.  We need honor and integrity at every level of government; we demand it of government employees, so we should demand no less of elected representatives. 

Now consider this:  If he refused to help an African American woman who knew and trusted him enough to ask for his help, what’s he doing in the interest of Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District?  What’s he doing for the Veterans of Tidewater – in fact, all Veterans?  Nothing!!!

What is he doing for minorities in the district, or in the country as a whole? Again, nothing!!! He joined the Democratic Caucus in fighting for illegal aliens at the expense of law abiding Americans.  In a country with less than 4% unemployment, his district has nearly double that rate, while many people are moving here for great paying jobs.  Something is wrong here.  His voting record shows his lack of support for the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security - two major employers in this area.  His major accomplishment seems to be supporting abortion during an entire pregnancy, maintaining a 100% rating by every pro-choice group and of course, his staunch support for Nancy Pelosi's agenda. 

Bobby Scott has been in Congress since 1992, when I was a young Marine Staff Sergeant. It’s time for him to go - along with every other "career" politician. Therefore, I am launching a campaign to challenge him.  I'm not going to attack him personally, but will definitely attack his public record.  I challenge Congressman Scott to do the same - challenge me in the realm of ideas, not on a personal level. 

When you compare my experiences, both professional and personal, as well as my positions on a variety of issues, you’ll easily conclude that I, John Collick, will represent every citizen of Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District much better than Bobby Scott ever could.

I do need your help.  If you know me, please leave an endorsement; if you don't, but agree with what I say, please help our cause with a contribution. I love meeting and talking to people, so, if you would like me to meet and talk to a group which you belong to, please use the contact form.  Also, please consider hosting a meet & greet or a fundraising event.

God Bless You all and God Bless America!!!



Note: The maximum contribution limit is $2,800.


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